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"Cabinet2" was updated.(December 29,2003)
Two+ works were added to "China painting."(September 15,2003)
"Cabinet2" was updated.(September 15,2003)
Five works were added to "China painting."(June 6,2003)

Travel diary

"Porcelain Painting in Germany (Meissen&Radebeul)"2002/September/27 ->October/15 [Japanese only]
The travel to the Republic of Malta. 2002/June/22 -> 30 [Japanese only]
"YANAKA seven lucky gods" 2001/January/6
The travel to the France Belgium Netherlands 2000/July/14 -> 22 [Under translation]
I want to go to the Aegean Sea. 1999/June/19 -> 26 [Japanese only]


The photograph taken and collected during the travel
France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece.
Cabinet 1 [New Year's Card]
Cabinet 2 [Objects]


China painting
We have been to the "Wedgwood visitor center."

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